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abode (Doorway to Life)
Kilbrack Grove
Skehard Road

Phone: 021 4916180
Fax : 021 4916190


Adult Day Services/Activation

Abode Mission Statement: “To enable people to live the life of their choice to its fullest potential.”


Abode provides a range of Social and Rehabilitative Services for adults between the ages of 18-65 with a physical and or Sensory disability.

These services are provided from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 4pm in a supportive and friendly environment.

Service users are collected from their homes and brought to the Abode Centre at Kilbrack Grove in specially adapted wheelchair accessible Buses.


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Benefits of Day Activation.

  • Person Centred Programmes and activities are developed in consultation with service users
  • Programmes can promote the development of individual skills and interests
  • Programmes reflect preferences and encourage service users to reach their personal goals
  • Programmes nurture participation and inclusion in a friendly supportive environment.
  • They promote self-development and help to provide the skill to enable service users to make more informed choices.
  • Day Activation provides respite for carers
  • Conditions can improve as a result of as a result of peer support and socialisation.

As the emphasis is not on training or the attainment of qualifications, service users can enjoy the activities provided at Abode for recreational purposes. Some programmes available at Abode do qualify for a Level 3 Award from C.E.T.B (Cork Education and Training Board).

A nominal fee is charged for transport and lunch

The Primary purpose of the Abode programmes is to empower service users to develop their skills and promote independence.


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