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Independent Living

Abode Mission Statement: “To enable people to live the life of their choice to its fullest potential.”


What is independent living?

  • Do you have a disability?
  • Would you like to be more independent?
  • Would you like to be able to do more for yourself and make your own decisions confidently?Independent Living Trainig CorkIndependent Living Programme Cork

The Abode Independent Living Programme is a SOLAS-funded Introductory Skills Programme. It is designed for people with physical and or sensory disabilities who have a genuine interest in exploring independent living skills. It will provide participants with the opportunity to experience and develop various independent living skills in a supportive environment and to examine the work and vocational training options available. The practical skills needed to become more independent such as cookery skills, budgeting, safety and hygiene at home are also identified.

Also looked at are the personal skills necessary for independence, where participants on the programme are encouraged to make their own decisions and become actively involved in steering their own learning. This helps build confidence and assertiveness.

Most people who come on the programme want to be financially independent too, so work and training options are explored.The programme offers the opportunity to put into practise the skills that are learnt during training. If a participant on the course does not live within commuting distance, accommodation may be available to at the centre whilst they are taking part in the course.

The programme is an experience for all those who take part. It is an exploration. Each person’s aims and abilities will differ, but it is intended that the programme will enable each participant to make an informed decision with regard to how they would like to live, and equip them with skills to live the life of their choice to its fullest potential.

Independent Living ProgrammeRespite-Care-Accommodation&


Independent Living Programme

Course Content

Modules offered on the Independent Living Programme include:
• Application of Number
• Art & Design
• Career Preparation
• Communications
• Computer Literacy
• Digital Media
• Food & Cookery
• Health & Fitness
• Information Technology
• Nutrition & Healthy Options
• Personal Care & Presentation
• Personal Effectiveness
• Safety & Hygiene at Home
• Work Experience
A QQI Level 3 Employability Skills certificate will be awarded on the successful completion of these modules

Course Duration

The length of time any one person can spend on the programme depends very much on the needs of each individual but you can attend for up to two years. This is the maximum amount of time you can spend on the programme, but can move on before the two years have been completed if you are ready to do so.
It works on a Continuous Entry basis, which means that the course can start at any time of the year if there is a place available.
The programme can be attended on a full-time basis (30 hours per week) or part-time (15 hours per week).

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be eligible to take part in Introductory Skills Training and must have the interest and capacity to become more independent.
You can check with your local Social Welfare Office to find out if you qualify for Introductory Skills Training. Your employment services officer will then will then refer you to the Abode Programme.

How to apply

An Application Form must be completed and returned to Doorway to Life (Abode).
A member of staff will meet with you to discuss your application and present it to the Assessment Committee.

Independent Living Programme Application Form

Course Fees

There are no fees to attend this programme, but learners must be eligible for Introductory Skills Training. A Training Allowance will replace your Social Welfare payment whilst you are on the course.

Further Information

For further information, contact Clodagh Caulfield at Doorway to Life (Abode), Kilbrack Grove, Skehard Road, Blackrock, Cork.



“The Independent Living Programme helped me expand on what I had learned already and to learn new things.” EM

“I learned skills on the Independent Living Programme that I will be able to use in college and I will continue to live independently.” S O’F

“The trainers were very helpful and clear with their support and encouragement. I learned about how to learn, how to pay your bills, map reading and cooking. I wanted a job in retail and I got work experience in this area. I am now on a CE scheme in retail.” CS

“I really enjoyed the Independent Living Programme. The brilliant part was having the ScannaR to read things to me. The trainers really helped me and found ways for me to do lunches independently. There was a taking microwave and a coffee maker and it gave me the independence to do different breakfasts. I was in a small group and I was communicating better and asking questions and taking responsibility. I did my reception job for Work Experience. It was one of my goals and it was brilliant because I was able to find my way around and I learned how to use the phone. I would like new courses in the future.” EMcC

“I found that I had submitted enough work to be certified with a full Certificate in General Learning from FETAC.” JM

“It flew. I enjoyed it. It has helped me grow.” LS

“The budgeting and shopping help me an awful lot for the future. I am taking more notice of prices now and going out shopping with my PA.” MK

“I found it very interesting. I met new people and learned new skills. I have my own house now and I cook more at home.” NMcC