Independent Living Programme

What is Our Independent Living Programme

The values of person-centredness and independence underpin the aims
and objectives of the Independent Living Programme.
The programme concentrates on developing independent living skills in
each learner, adapting the training to their needs. Each learner has a
comprehensive Individual Learning Plan which recognises what is
important to each person, what goals they wish to achieve, and it maps
their progression as skills are developed.

The training covers three main strands: The development of practical
skills such as cookery, laundry, budgeting; personal development
including self-advocacy, assertiveness and an exploration of rights and
responsibilities; and because people who attend the Independent Living
Programme want to be financially independent, we look at work and
training options.

Each person on the programme has a keyworker whose role is to
advocate and to support the learner regarding decisions and individual
aspirations. Small group numbers allow individual focus. The emphasis
remains on the improvement of independence and learning modules
matching the development of these skills are selected.
Learners can achieve a QQI Level 3 Qualification in Employability Skills
as Abode is a Second Provider to Cork Education and Training Board.

What is Our ATTAIN Programme?

The move to third level and continuing education can be a difficult one.
ATTAIN provides students with the opportunity to perfect the skills they
will need to do well at that level.

Each person will carry out a thorough exploration of options available to
them and develop an awareness of personal aptitude. They will hone
investigation and research skills, time management and organisational

Learners can achieve a QQI Level 4 Qualification in General Learning as
Abode is a Second Provider to the Cork Education and Training Board.